Mini Self Balancing Handless Segways

Cruising Around On A Hands Free Segway

self balancing 2 wheel scooterIf you haven’t seen people on segways before or perhaps you have, you would be interested to know that there is ow a much smaller device that only involves your two feet. That’s right, it is called a hands free segway, and they are quickly taking the world by storm.

What makes them very popular all over the world is the much cheaper price tag. With so many possible uses for them, the designers made sure to construct it using the finest materials. If you pick one up you will instantly feel how sturdy it is, and how much well its made.

A good product design with rubberized wheels to ensure there are never any flat tires. Since it was designed to be used in the street, on pavement and the sidewalk, it is made to withstand most every impediment. One thing that is does have trouble with are tall curbs, so forget even trying to get over those.

It may take some time getting used since it will feel awkward at first using no hands, but because it is well made you can feel safe standing on the rubberized mats that grip your feet. After some time of practice and getting used to the hands free segway, soon enough you will see how easy it is to maneuver around.

On a full charge expect to get around 15 miles and at a top speed of 7 mph. These items make a great gift for any college student who hates having to walk across campus, especially on those cold wet days. Now you have a personalized hands free scooter that is very easy to take around with you and store just about anywhere.

Check out the online videos and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of this segway. You will see proper positioning of your feet, how to make turns and also other neat little tricks they you may never have thought about.

A hands free self balancing electric scooter is a great option to take on vacation if you hate walking around. Just hop on one of these things, get comfortable and go cruising around on your vacation. You won’t feel tired and you will get to see pretty much everything you came to see.

With a price tag that is much cheaper than a normal 2 wheel segway you can see how come they’ve become very popular all over the world.